Family Resource Network
Mineral County

Managed By: Dayla Harvey

          Mineral County joined with countless others on April 25, in honor of Children’s Memorial Day, to remember the thousands of children lost in the last year due to violence. The symbol of this observance was the presentation and display of the Children’s Memorial Flag. This flag is a simple, moving image- a red field depicting blue, paper-doll-like figures of children holding hands. In the center, the white chalk outline of a missing child symbolizes the children lost to violence. 

         Throughout the month of April the Mineral County CASA, the Family Resource Network, and Catamount Children’s Center worked hard in promoting Child Abuse Awareness in Mineral County, through articles in the newspaper, blue ribbons and pinwheels around the community, and by once again inviting the community to attend Children’s Memorial Day on Friday April 25th on the court house lawn.

         The ceremony was once again a success. Chris Kellermeyer, band director of Teal Steal, brought his band from Frankfort Middle School to play some beautiful pieces of music to get everything started. Sarah Burke, member of the CASA Board, opened up the ceremony and read the Governor’s Proclamation. Gina Spriggs, director for Catamount Children’s Center, followed Sarah by reading the history of Child Abuse Prevention Month.

         Courtney Haggerty, the AmeriCorps VISTA at the Mineral County Family Resource Network coordinated the event this year and read a true story of a girl’s life growing up in the foster system due to child abuse/neglect. Cecilia Schmidt, Dave Fritch, Gina Spriggs, and Nancy Starcher, the CASA Volunteers from Mineral County, received volunteer survival bags to recognize their continued efforts in being the voice of each child that comes before the court system. Also recognized were Child Protective Service workers for the all they do to protect the children in this community. The Ceremony ended with Courtney Haggerty and Gina Spriggs raising the Children’s Memorial Flag while the Teal Steal band followed up with a closing number. 

         April has been designated as a time to celebrate the important role that communities can play in protecting their children. On this day and throughout the year, community members and organizations are encouraged to play a role in helping make Mineral County a safer place for children. It truly does take a village to raise a child and the suffering of one is the suffering of all. Everyone’s participation is critical.

         For more information on how you can be a part of such an important cause please contact Mineral County CASA at 304-788-0068 (Click Here to Learn More about CASA) or the Mineral County Family Resource Network at 304-788-9099.

Children's Memorial Flag Day Ceremony