Managed By: Dayla Harvey

In 2020 COVID took a tremendous number of lives  and crippled homes around the world. Here in Mineral County the Family Resource Network (MCFRN) continued to meet the needs of families throughout the community. However, a trend was noted; the faces in need changed. Families that were financially ineligible to receive help prior to COVID were now in need due to quarentine which caused an inablility to work or even COVID related deaths of the family’s working member. The MCFRN was able to aid in meeting those needs by delivering food, hygiene essentials, diapers, wipes and other baby items and so forth as well as connecting families to additional services. However, the needs quickly diminshed the supply and even led to staff members and agency volunteers donating their own funds to supply community needs. Now in 2021 it is apparent that as COVID continues to affect families, the MCFRN will have to continue meeting immediate physical needs with a newly stocked supply made possible because of their partnership with the County United Way. The MCFRN has started the Family Physical Needs Assistance referral program for eligible families of Mineral County. These families once referred and approved will be able to receive the basic needs such as diapers, wipes, adult and child hygiene products, lice kits, coats, and even backpacks full of school supplies.

Note that all applications are subject to approval by the MCFRN. This program is while supplies last. 

Family Resource Network
Mineral County