Family Resource Network
Mineral County

Managed By: Dayla Harvey

Happy Walking!

Partners for this Grant include the following:

Mineral County Family Resource Network, Mineral County Health Department, WVU Extension Services , Lifestyle Fitness Center , Community Education Outreacuh Service (CEOS), Healthy Mineral County Coalition, Aging and Family Services, Progressive Physical Therapy, Potomac Valley Hospital, Mineral Daily News Tribune, Med-A-Save, Health Matters, M&T Bank, Alperts Medical Equipment and Supply, BB&T Bank, Walmart, Reed's Drugstore, WEPCO Federal Credit Union, Delegate Gary Howell, Mineral County Parks and Recreation and the City of Keyser. 

Keyser on The Move

Keyser on the Move, with a new grant received by the Mineral County Family Resource Network that will target women over the age of 30 living in Keyser. This will be done through supportive and organized walking groups that will follow designated walking routes throughout the city. The goal is to provide these women with the tools necessary to help them achieve physical health through walking, monthly meetings, educational information/presentations, incentives and support. Although this grant is targeting women over the age of 30, the walking routes will be free to use by the general public. However the targeted women who join the program will be provided a walking steps pedometer, walking logs, map, and safety colored t-shirt. Each woman will complete a pre and post survey. Data will be collected during a monthly group meeting which will also include educational information and/or presentations. At the completion of the 8 week program the women will receive a one month membership to Lifestyle Fitness Center (In Kind) and the top 10 walkers will receive a Heart Monitor Watch.

                     Additionally, there will be a non-grant related group challenge.  Individuals not eligible for the grant program are encouraged to form groups ranging from five to ten members.  Each group will compete to see who can average the most miles by the completion of the 8 week program.  All team members who join will be provided a walking steps pedometer, walking logs, map, and safety colored t-shirt. Walking data will be collected at the completion of the program and the group with the highest average distance will receive a three month membership to Lifestyle Fitness Center (In Kind).

                    Since this round of Keyser on the Move is over, we encourage the public to continue walking on the trails and form your own groups. Below are a few forms from the program, along with helpful handouts to keep yourselves motivated year-round. A huge thank you to everyone involved and to all of our dedicated walkers. You are all awesome! For more information please contact Gerri Mason at 304-788-9099 or the Mineral County Health Department at 304-788-1321