Family Resource Network
Mineral County

Managed By: Dayla Harvey

Warm the Children

  • This program provides families with children with new winter clothing for each child in the home. As of 2018 over 11,000 children have been served. 


Children & Family Expo-

  • The MCFRN in partnership with BUMFS and Energy Express holds an annual Expo which offers families resources, hands on experiences and even workshops to aid their family needs. Recruiting around 45 vendors and serving over 200 parents. 


Energy Express

  • The MCFRN partners with the WVU Extension Service to provide a 6 week summer reading program. This program serves over 200 children at 3 sites in Mineral County annually. 


Community Baby Shower

  • The MCFRN partners with the Mineral County Health Department to hold an Annual Community Baby shower.  This is provided with the help of an annual Partners and Prevention grant that the MCFRN writes as well as, additional funding provided by the Mineral County Health Department's RADON funds. In the past 11 years over 500 expectant or new mothers have been served. 


Children's Memorial Flag Day Ceremony

  • The MCFRN Partners with the Mineral County CASA program and the Catamount Children’s Center to hold an annual Children’s Memorial Flag Day Ceremony. This year we focused on the month and had weekly news articles, had CASA cookies sold throughout the month at local bakery, decorated the town and local businesses with blue ribbons and pinwheels in honor of Child Abuse Prevention. The Flag Day ceremony was exceptionally nice this year and there were approximately 50 people in attendance. This event is also provided through an annual grant that the MCFRN writes and manages. 


Mineral CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates)


Toys for Joy Christmas Program

  • Emergency Christmas assistance for families with children trough referrals only. Referrals have to come from agencies such as DHHR, churches, civic groups like CEOS, or Mineral County Schools. 


Childcare Provider Education Classes -

  • The MCFRN partners with the WVU Extension Services to coordinate classes for Childcare Providers in two parts of Mineral County. Attendance for the classes has almost doubled over the years. 


Circle of Parents-

  • The MCFRN received a grant to create family support programs offering free meetings for anyone in a parenting role wanting to discuss issues related to raising children. There are three groups currently serving Mineral County:

​                           Contact Information:



                                         Mature Women's Group "Parenting through the Lifespan"

                                         Mountain State Psychological

                                          130 Center St.

                                         Keyser, WV 26726



                                                     Young Women's Group "Parenting Support and Guidance"

                                         Mountain State Psychological

                                         130 Center St. 

                                         Keyser, WV 26726


Brookedale Farms/Green Thumbs

  • The MCFRN partners with Brookedale Farms and WVU Extension Service Master Gardeners Program to implement the Green Thumbs Grant that has been received for the three years in a row.  Workshops/classes will be held in collaboration with Brookedale Farms, as well as, another Grandparents and me day. We  support the Annual Fall Feast Off and Family Day, both held at Brookedale Farms, with coordination, fundraising, volunteers, etc... 


Kaboom Grant

  • The MCFRN is working with the city to install a new playground and oversee the Kaboom grant that is providing partial funding. This is to be a community participation project that is sustained and constructed by community members.


Mountain Health Alliance -

  • The MCFRN partnered with the MHA in applying for a HRSA grant to establish a Multi –State Regional Health Network to assess the health needs of the region and develop a work-plan to filling those needs. The current focus of the group is setting up a dental clinic in Mineral County. The MCFRN reports monthly on the MHA movements in our newsletter and meetings. 



Upper Potomac Children’s Collaborative (UPCC) -

  • The MCFRN has continually provided support to the DHHR Service Array process and will continue to do so until complete. Attends UPCC Collaborative meetings and takes turns updating RCD plan quarterly reports, recruit new members for collaborative for family representation and provide FRN board Representation at each meeting. 


Food for Thought

  • MCFRN provides support to the Food for Thought Program with Board membership, volunteers, bagging food, and running the summer program at Energy Express. This program provides food for kids on the weekend and during the summer months. When there is no school often times these children will go without food. 


Keyser on the Move

  • The MCFRN wrote a grant to support the development of walking routes throughout the main city in our county, Keyser, that will be utilized by supported and organized walking groups for women over the age of 30.  These routes will be mapped out and designated by the city for walking. Signs to identify the walking routes will be provided by the city and a map of those routes will be included in an informational brochure to be distributed throughout the community.  


STEM Network

  • The MCFRN has partnered with the WVU Extension Services and several community members to form a STEM Network to promote science, technology, math, and the environment to the community and especially targeting youth. Our two main projects are the Robotics program and the STEM Festival that will be held in March. 

Substance Abuse Prevention-

  • Mineral County FRN aids the Division on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse, an operating division of the Bureau for Behavioral Health and Health Facilities (BBHHF) within the West Virginia Division of Health and Human Services which is charged, in code, with being the Single State Authority (SSA) primarily responsible for prevention, control, treatment, rehabilitation, educational research and planning for substance abuse related services.

MCFRN Sponsored & Co-Sponsored Ongoing Programs