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Gerri Mason was born and raised in Keyser, WV and came from a long line of women in non-profit. But it wasn't until she moved to California with her 3 children, her oldest with Autism, that she found her purpose. Gerri gave birth to her 4th child in 1985 and following opened an in-home daycare that catered to children with special needs or families with special circumstances. After years of running a successful daycare that impacted many lives, Gerri closed her doors and pursued work in the non-profit sector. This work resulted in the Autism Society of America, Bay Area Chapter. Her journey into non-profit was very successful and even included working with the Governor of California. In December of 1999, Gerri decided it was time to come home with her 4 children and new husband. And in 2003 she was hired as the Executive Director of the Mineral County Family Resource Network. This journey would be lived until her death in October of 2019. As Executive Director of the MCFRN, Gerri brought to Mineral County so many programs, projects, events and partnerships. She took the MCFRN from operating in the red to now owning property, winning awards, and most importantly being a staple to families in Mineral County.  She worked tirelessly at making Mineral County a better place for families and now that work continues at the Gerri Mason Family Support Center. It is the thought of cementing Gerri's legacy that led her daughter and now Executive Director for the MCFRN, Dayla Harvey, to create and open the Gerri Mason Family Center and with funds from the DHHR is now the Family Support Center to Mineral County. 

In spring of 2021 The Gerri Mason Family Center was officially opened to families working towards reunification through the 21st Circuit Court. The Gerri Mason Family Center is a safe and home like environment that allows parents to physically apply skills taught by their service provider throughout the case. Hands on learning and demonstration  is scientifically proven to ensure better results as it allows the body to learn as well as the mind. This is also imperative learning as not all can obtain auditory or visual information.  When the certainty of the child’s safety and survival is at stake, it is vital that what is offered is a complete learning experience. When utilizing the center the service providers can correct mistakes as they occur and take time thoroughly explain the proper method which will allow parents to master the skill before the child is returned to their care. This includes but is not limited to preparing and eating family meals, entertaining children in a living space, playing games, conflict management, appropriate discipline, safety while crossing the street, safe outdoor play, and much more. The Gerri Mason Family Center allows parents to understand and mimic a safe and healthy family environment.  In addition to providing a fuller learning experience for parents throughout their case, the goal of the center is to ensure forever safe and stable homes upon return. Mineral County, like many, has recently had a surge in reopened child abuse and neglect cases. The center wants to ensure that a lack of parenting skills and education is not the cause.  The Gerri Mason Family Center was created not only to serve children already removed from the home but to help prevent further trauma as well as prevent reopening a case in the future.

And in Fall of 2023 The Gerri Mason Family Support Center has now expanded to offer additional services. All of the services provided will give families the opportunity to stay together in hopes of lowering the child removal rate in WV. All families in Mineral County can benefit from services offered by your local family support center.  

Available Now: 

Family Physical Needs Assistance (see application) 
Eternally Home -A Partners in Prevention program (Program keeping families together) 

Parent Support Groups 

Coming Soon: 

Supervised visitation 
Parenting Classes 

Family Enrichment 
Teen Support Groups

and More! 

Managed By: Dayla Harvey

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