Gina Spriggs, Board President

Community Representative for Catamount's Children Center

Andrew Root, Vice-President 

 Mandated Provider Representative for Mineral County Health Department

Sarah Burke, Secretary 

 Community Representative for Mineral County CASA

Jenny Tingler 
Mandated Provider for  Department of Health and Human Resources

Barb Grayson

Mandated Provider for Mineral County Schools

April House 

Mandated Provider for Mountain State Psychological  

Wesley Stullenbarger 

Community Representative for Mineral County PreK Head Start

Donna Alt 

Community Representative for Brookdale Farms

Annette Francis 

Community Representative for Developmental Center & Workshop Inc.

Patricia Barbarito 
Community Representative for Potomac Valley Hospital of WVU Medicine

Chris Morgan 

Family Representative for BUMFS Parents as Teachers 

Dr. Tom Denne

Family Representative 

Shirley Bland

Family Representative

Patty Sites 
Family Representative

Family Resource Network
Mineral County

Managed By: Dayla Harvey

Our Board of Directors