Upper Potomac Children's Collaborative (UPCC)  

The Upper Potomac Children's Collaborative is a place where service providers who would like to network and be apart of creating  more effective avenues to aid families with children in the Upper Potomac Region.

The Objectives of this collaborative include, but are not limited to:

-The implementation of a single source referral process for at-risk children and families in the region. 
-The provision of timely assessments and professional care planning with a focus on the MDT process while utilizing memebr resources
-The accessing of appropriate levels of care, including crisis intervention and support, at the community level. 
-Continuing development of a balanced system of care for the region with a capacity congruent to the need. 
-Enhancement of our current service and capacity through collaborative planning and shared resources. 
-Potential for reduction of costs by shared efforts (i.e. training, supervision, staff benefit expense, etc.)
-Decrease need for out-of-state region placements by increasing unique care capacities within the region. 
​-Coordinate these efforts with the Child Placement Alternatives Corporation.
Family Resource Network
Mineral County

Managed By: Dayla Harvey